Thursday, October 6, 2011

Growing and Changing Every Day...

Don't blink, or they will be getting married and having babes of their own. The 3 to 6 month marker is an important milestone in a babies life; they are starting to sit unassisted, pull themselves up, roll over from back to front and starting to babble.  Life is so busy with a new baby, but you should make the time to document this very important time in their life. If you don't have professional portraits done, then be sure to have your camera handy to capture those special moments.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My favorite newborn shots

I love thinking outside the box and I adore everything about a new born baby. They are so innocent, kissable, cute and squishy. I love their little toes and fingers, their fuzzy hair and big eyes. As a newborn photographer I want to create something you will be proud to display in your home. I am an artist as well as a photographer and I hope you enjoy viewing some of my work.

My artwork merged with a newborn shot to create my photo-art

Little Maci sleeping through the whole photo shoot. She was such an easy baby.

A Father's love for his child is like no other. 

My artwork merged in Photoshop

Sweet little toes on a sleeping newborn.

So tiny.... Little Maci is a miracle baby, she weighed only 1lb. 6oz. when she was born.
 She spent the first 4 months of her life in the NICU at Santa Barbara Cottage hospital.

My sweet little nephew. Isn't he ADORABLE!

Little Pia was so alert and observant for being only 6 days new.
Two pictures merged in Photoshop Jade wanted princess Pia in a watermelon
to go with her hat. Pia's picture will be hanging in the dining room to match the
 "watermelon" decor. Cute idea!

Kaden's Mom wanted him sleeping inside his Daddy's glove so that is just
 what we did. I love the way it turned out. Great idea Jenna!

I love these crouched hats and I am getting quite a nice selection.

Jenna used this for her birth announcements. She ordered them, along with her
 prints and a coffee mug  right from my website Kimberly Kay Photography.

I just love little tiny toes!