Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pia turns one!

Turning one is such a huge milestone in your child's life and Pia's family went all out for this special occasion. I loved the girly, John Deere theme. It was absolutely perfect for this adorable little one year old.

Wake up Miss Pia. Time for your big day...

     Pia just waking up from her nap and time to get dressed in her pink frilly dress. She was so cute!

Pia all ready for her BIG day, could she be any cuter! 

Jade did a fabulous job decorating for the party and this is the cutest cake ever.

A special cake just for the birthday girl.


A John Deere wagon from Grandma Carol and Papa D.

She didn't waste and time with her cake...

I think she likes it...

Mmmmm... pretty tasty! One happy birthday girl. So glad I was there to capture her special day, because today's little moments are tomorrow's memories. Good job everyone!